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Washing and Drying Clothes

Tips to Make Your Laundry Day Easier

Washing and drying clothes doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, it can actually be quite easy if you follow these simple tips for washing and drying your clothes. If you want to make laundry day easier on yourself, Dryer Vent Cleaning Apex, NC experts created the following list of helpful hints:

– Wash dark colors separately from light colors. This will help prevent any dye from transferring onto other fabrics in the load.

– Add fabric softener or dryer sheets to your wash loads as they will leave clothes feeling softer after they are dried or ironed.

– Use cold water whenever possible when doing laundry because cold water is gentler on clothing fibers than hot water is which means fewer creases!

– Use more than one detergent for your wash loads. For example, you can use a regular powder and an HE (high efficiency) liquid in the same load to get better results from both types of detergents since they each have different strengths depending on which type of fabric is being cleaned.

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– Add stain removers or oxygen cleaners like OxiClean™ to any wash loads that are stained with things like coffee, red wine or food dye because these products will help remove tough stains without damaging clothing fibers! You can find out if Oxyclean™ works well with your laundry by checking its compatibility list here: OXICLEAN COMPATIBILITY CHART .

– Wash clothes inside out whenever possible as this reduces pilling problems after the load is dried.

– Shake clothing items out before putting them into the washer as this will help prevent any lint build up in your machine which can become a fire hazard if it becomes too thick over time! Also, shake clothes again after they have been washed so that any excess water from the wash load comes off of each item!

– Set your washing machine for warm or hot water cycles to make sure all stains are removed during cleaning and also set drying times at least an hour longer than you normally would because extra drying time helps remove wrinkles form laundry loads more effectively.